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Learn From The Experts At Our Upcoming Training Course

Join us on our one day practical hands on carpet cleaning course on the 21st February 2018.

Our professional carpet cleaning course is recognised as a great way to easily get to grips with the actual hands on application and techniques required to successfully apply different cleaning methods.

The course is designed to give you confidence in using the equipment and both the practical and technical expertise you need to adapt your cleaning methods, ensuring you always achieve the highest standard of results.

The next Texatherm one day practical carpet cleaning course will be held on the 21st February 2018. The course will be held in our training centre at Centre House, Coker Road, Weston Super Mare BS22 6BX. Although there are theoretical elements, this course will be biased towards practical hands on training.

During the day delegates will receive full hands on training on the machinery and its applications. Attendees will practically apply all cleaning methods from setting up, choosing and preparing their cleaning solutions, through to final application of the cleaning methods.

The course delegate rate is £175.00 + VAT inclusive of a buffet lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

Due to the hands on nature of this course there will be only 12 places available. To book your space please contact John or Mark on info@texatherm.com or call us on 01934 521155.

How to thaw & reset the pump freeze protection circuit on your EMV carpet extraction machine.

Well it’s that time of year again where technicians are taking they're portable extraction machines out of there van to find they have a frozen pump. With a pump head frozen the pump motor will stall resulting in it trying to compensate by drawing as much amperage out of the socket as it can achieve.

If you are unlucky and the fuse doesn’t blow, it is very likely that your pump will be permanently damaged with the motor winding failing. This is not the case with an EMV machine as it is fitted with an industry first system curing this potential problem.

In the event that your EMV machine pump is frozen we have designed an automatic inbuilt pump freeze protection circuit. The EMV pump freeze protection circuit will monitor your pump and ensure that the pump is disabled before any damage can occur. Once you have thawed your pump out you can reset this circuit and start working.

Instructions on how to reset your frozen pump can be found on page 7 of your EMV manual.

In the event that you have not got your manual to hand, we have made a video showing how simple it is to thaw out and reset the freeze protection circuit on your EMV machine.