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The Multi-System Carpet Cleaning Machine – EMV 201

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1 Carpet Cleaning Machine, 4 Cleaning Systems. Discover the difference...

The EMV is an intelligent cleaning machine that allows you, the technician, to decide which system or method is best for the job.

Lets think about that….you now don’t have to go out and buy multiple carpet cleaning machines and systems in order to clean using different methods!

The EMV has been designed and is built in the UK by carpet cleaners frustrated with still current problems in the industry.

Don’t limit yourself with just another extraction machine. let’s take a look at what the EMV will allow you to do.

What can the EMV201 Portable carpet cleaning machine do?

Hot Water Extraction

The EMV achieves Industry leading performance through its advanced automatically adapting digital control systems. As soon as you turn your pump on the lines become pressurised, Programme in the pressure you want and the EMV will digitally control & automatically adjust the pump delivering that exact pressure at the tool end instantly. Even if you’re 3 flights above the machine.

What does this mean? this means, unlike other carpet cleaning machines available, we don’t need to fit excessive high-pressure pumps to combat lift issues when leaving the machine downstairs or working at distance with extension hoses. This unique system allows the EMV to deliver the correct flow at the tool end to rinse extract without the risk of over wetting or excessive pressures wetting the backings. This has resulted in the EMV achieving the quickest natural dry times in the industry.

Texatherm Low moisture Carpet Cleaning Process

This unique patented process will allow you to safely attain superior results normally only associated with deep wet cleaning, whilst delivering to your clients all the benefits you would expect from a dry carpet cleaning system. The EMV has been designed so that the low moisture Texatherm process which utilises cleaning pads can be accommodated in the solution tank. This extremely quite process leaves carpets completely dry within 30 minutes! and leaves no sticky re-soiling residues. The process also disinfects and sanitises during the clean and is 100% risk free.

So, what will this unique low moisture carpet cleaning system allow you to do? other than deliver a 30 minute dry time on both domestic & commercial carpets, The Texatherm low moisture carpet cleaning system also dramatically reduces cleaning time which means you can get through jobs a lot quicker and more efficiently. This is a great system for those large commercial jobs! you know the ones, the jobs that take a whole weekend to complete with the risk of wick back when using extraction . With the Texatherm carpet cleaning system a single operator can safely clean up to 200sqm an hour.

Dual Combination Cleaning

What if I have a problem? As all professionals know, one cleaning method will not clean all, Texatherm carpet cleaning system included! yes, we said it. the truth is, there are different methods and systems for a reason and although Hot water extraction & Texatherm low moisture work phenomenally as stand-alone methods, due to carpet condition, extreme soiling or carpet construction, we find that sometimes they’re just not as effective as we want. This is where combination cleaning delivers results where no one system will whilst controlling moisture and still delivering exceptional dry times.

Within minutes you can save valuable time. Swap between the Texatherm process and Extraction or combine the Texatherm low moisture carpet cleaning process with hot water extraction to achieve results without the need to set up expensive multiple cleaning systems and equipment. Combining the unique patented chemistry of the Texatherm process with hot water extraction will dramatically reduce cleaning times, water and chemical consumption whilst delivering industry first dry times.

Upholstery Cleaning

With such a vast variety of fabrics & textiles, upholstery cleaning can be tricky. There are many risks involved as there are many water, heat and dye sensitive fabrics out there.

With the EMV, flow can be controlled in 5psi increments and heat in 1 degree increments, this means you can work from as low as 40psi, giving the flexibility of totally controlled cleaning of different types of fabrics without applying excessive heat or over wetting.


Hard Floor Cleaning / Wet Pick Up

Now you don’t have to turn down work or invest in yet more equipment to undertake hard floor cleaning. Use your rotary by swapping from carpet pads to hard floor cleaning pads or scrubbing brush and solution feed tank, Connect your hard floor wand and within minutes you can now use you EMV carpet cleaning machine to rinse and recover on hard floors.

You don’t even need to switch chemicals! our carpet cleaning chemical range is multipurpose and interchangeable between carpets, upholstery & hard floors. Unlike wet pick-ups, fresh water rinsing as you recover will speed up the cleaning process without the need to post clean mop. It will also leave your hard floors residue free and dry, eliminating the risk of smearing and uneven shading.

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EMV Machine Customer Gallery

Our clients love the amazing results the EMV Machine allows them to achieve. Take a look at genuine before and after photos taken from carpets cleaned with our machines and see for yourself.

All EMV 201 professional carpet cleaning machines comes as standard with.

Bespoke, 316 Stainless steel, twin circuit, 3000 W Heater element.

Ultra reliable delivering quick & constant heat at tool end.


Bespoke dual vacuum system

Coupled with Optimised moulding design ensuring, maximum airflow at all times at the tool end, even when working at height above the machine or with multiple extension hoses attached.


250 psi pump with worlds only automatic digital flow control system.

No more water lift or delay issues when using extension hoses or working several floors above the machine. No more excessive high back pressure pump failures. Total automatically adjusting system always Guaranteeing correct immediate pressure and flow at the tool end.


The worlds first and currently only bespoke full transceiver remote control available on a professional carpet cleaning machine

control all systems. On/off Display panel, heat, pump, vac 1 & vac 2 up to 300 meters away


Currently the only professional carpet cleaning machine with Quick release Plug & Play Interface for all working parts

Now you don’t have to send your machine back to the manufacturer or service centre for a pump or vacuum change. Easily and legally unplug and swap out your vacuums, pump and fan in just 5 minutes. saving time and money.


Automatic pump freeze protection

No more blown pumps every winter. Complete pump protection, just thaw out, reset and start work.


Built in vacuum noise baffling down to 76db

The Quietest professional carpet cleaning machine in it’s class


The worlds only machine with Clean solution tank & recovery waste tank gate valves

No more waiting around to drain your solution tank or using hoses and flooding vacuum motors. Empty both tanks with ease.


Automatic low level heat shut off

Complete element protection


Automatic full recovery tank vacuum shut off

complete vacuum motor protection


Solution & Recovery tank level indicators

Full control over water levels.


Only machine with a 2 year parts & labour warranty

The EMV is that reliable


Our experience of working with Texatherm over the last 5 years has been nothing other than positive. We have used the EMV machine for the low moisture carpet cleaning ‘Texatherm' process and for its extraction capabilities and have been extremely happy with the performance and reliability it provides. The EMV, as well as the crew at Texatherm have helped grow my business from a standing start to a constantly busy operation providing servicing and support which is second to none. I have no hesitation in recommending Texatherm to anyone in the carpet cleaning industry.

Adrian Cunnington Floor Manager Ltd

We have been amazed with the outstanding cleaning results we have achieved and the number of compliments received from our customers. The quality of the products are exceptional and such good value for money.
Utilising the new system has not only improved the quality of cleaning services we offer our clients and increased customer satisfaction, we have also seen a significant decrease in our overheads and increase in profit margins. Thank you to the team at Texatherm for all of your support! You have made the transition within our business a dream for us. Our journey and experience couldn’t have been better!

Leanne Maronitis Biosweep Northeast

I have been using Texatherm cleaning systems now for what must be coming up to a year and am still consistently feeling absolutely amazed at what can be achieved using this system compared to anything else I personally have tried over the last 10 years. I also love the different systems and methods, some unique to Texatherm that you can utilise all from the EMV machine, there is no job that this machine can’t handle and the speed in which you can get the job done is just amazing as I said earlier. You can get so much more done in a day which means you can make so much more money.

Troy Clement Red Dragon Rug Spa

Mmmarvellous Homes took over six months in 2004 investigating all the carpet and products available in the market and we decided to use Texatherm. We certainly have not been disappointed with the results & effectiveness of use within our client’s homes, who certainly have a great variety of challenging carpets. My customer retention rate is great and they love the fact that their carpets are dry a lot quicker than other cleaning systems. Mmmarvellous is truly happy with Texatherm equipment, processes and cleaning solutions.

Clarissa Jopling Mmmarvellous Homes

Have been using Texatherm since 2005, it's brilliant, great results time after time and fantastic drying times also. Ideal for low profile carpet tiles or indeed domestic carpets. The system operates at a very low noise level and the very rapid drying times keep disruption to the minimum. Due to the low moisture levels involved carpets do not re-soil as quickly which make our life easier on regular maintenance cleans. Once you try the Texatherm way you won't want to clean using any other method. Cannot fault it in any way, the service received from the team it's second to none.

Trevor Davies Shire4 Carpet Services Ltd

Purchasing the Texatherm cleaning system was without doubt the best decision I have made since starting my carpet and upholstery cleaning business. Using the Texatherm cleaning system means I am able to achieve excellent cleaning results on even the most challenging carpets. My customer retention rate has definitely increased since I purchased this system and customers often comment on the convenience of being able to use the carpets again so quickly.

Anthony George A.G Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

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