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Our experience of working with Texatherm over the last 5 years has been nothing other than positive. We have used the EMV machine for the low moisture carpet cleaning ‘Texatherm' process and for its extraction capabilities and have been extremely happy with the performance and reliability it provides. The EMV, as well as the crew at Texatherm have helped grow my business from a standing start to a constantly busy operation providing servicing and support which is second to none. I have no hesitation in recommending Texatherm to anyone in the carpet cleaning industry.

Adrian Cunnington Floor Manager Ltd

We have been amazed with the outstanding cleaning results we have achieved and the number of compliments received from our customers. The quality of the products are exceptional and such good value for money.
Utilising the new system has not only improved the quality of cleaning services we offer our clients and increased customer satisfaction, we have also seen a significant decrease in our overheads and increase in profit margins. Thank you to the team at Texatherm for all of your support! You have made the transition within our business a dream for us. Our journey and experience couldn’t have been better!

Leanne Maronitis Biosweep Northeast

I have been using Texatherm cleaning systems now for what must be coming up to a year and am still consistently feeling absolutely amazed at what can be achieved using this system compared to anything else I personally have tried over the last 10 years. I also love the different systems and methods, some unique to Texatherm that you can utilise all from the EMV machine, there is no job that this machine can’t handle and the speed in which you can get the job done is just amazing as I said earlier. You can get so much more done in a day which means you can make so much more money.

Troy Clement Red Dragon Rug Spa

Mmmarvellous Homes took over six months in 2004 investigating all the carpet and products available in the market and we decided to use Texatherm. We certainly have not been disappointed with the results & effectiveness of use within our client’s homes, who certainly have a great variety of challenging carpets. My customer retention rate is great and they love the fact that their carpets are dry a lot quicker than other cleaning systems. Mmmarvellous is truly happy with Texatherm equipment, processes and cleaning solutions.

Clarissa Jopling Mmmarvellous Homes

Have been using Texatherm since 2005, it's brilliant, great results time after time and fantastic drying times also. Ideal for low profile carpet tiles or indeed domestic carpets. The system operates at a very low noise level and the very rapid drying times keep disruption to the minimum. Due to the low moisture levels involved carpets do not re-soil as quickly which make our life easier on regular maintenance cleans. Once you try the Texatherm way you won't want to clean using any other method. Cannot fault it in any way, the service received from the team it's second to none.

Trevor Davies Shire4 Carpet Services Ltd

Purchasing the Texatherm cleaning system was without doubt the best decision I have made since starting my carpet and upholstery cleaning business. Using the Texatherm cleaning system means I am able to achieve excellent cleaning results on even the most challenging carpets. My customer retention rate has definitely increased since I purchased this system and customers often comment on the convenience of being able to use the carpets again so quickly.

Anthony George A.G Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning