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  • The Uk's Best Carpet Repair Training Course (carpet Repairs Made Simple)
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Carpet Repair Course

(23 customer reviews)


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What can you expect to learn on our carpet repair training course?

Our goal is to give you the skills, and confidence, to undertake different carpet repair methods, the very next day, with no stress or worry.

to achieve this, we’ve developed new carpet repair methods and techniques, simplifying the processes without compromising the repairs look and strength.

The key areas covered within the course are:

  • Managing expectations through pre-inspection Survey, client advice, and consolidation
  • Carpet, backings, construction, and identification.
  • Common types of permanent carpet damage
  • Carpet repair Tool’s and their uses (tools provided)
  • Cutouts (bonded inserts) on synthetic and wool carpets
  • Loop & tufted cut-outs.
  • Carpet re-tufting repair
  • Repairing a pulled row
  • Delamination repairs
  • Carpet repair Problem Solving
  • Full carpet repair technician certification
  • How to market and sell carpet repairs
  • Carpet repair pricing structure and guide
  • Free access to the trainers online support and advice group

This is a 1-day Professional Carpet Repair Course

Start Time - 9 AM

End Time - 5 PM

The course will be held at

Texatherm Systems Ltd

Centre House

Coker Road

Worle Ind Est


BS22 6BX

What makes our Carpet Repair Course different to any other?

Although we cover the same topics taught in other courses, we are biased towards hands-on, practical learning.

The thing that makes our course so different from any other out there, is the simplistic methods and techniques that our instructor Adrian has developed.

We’re not repairing, or teaching carpet repairs, the same way everyone else is.

We’ve improved them and developed far more durable repairs that will not be affected by future cleaning.

The repairs you will learn, on our carpet repair course, have been tweaked and developed over years of practical carpet repair work.

As a result, this makes the repairs we teach, easy to understand and simple to do, without the repair losing any strength or blend.

Check out how durable our repairs are in this video.

We’re focused on teaching you the skills and repairs that are going to earn you money.

Are Carpet Repairs Invisible?

Yes, we teach you how to an invisible carpet repair. With the majority of your carpet repairs, your customers are going to be thrilled.

But let’s be honest, on the odd occasion a repair may stand out. This can happen because of things like Sun damage (bleaching) or if your donor piece hasn’t had any general day to day use, meaning the fibers are still in a close to new condition.

The other thing you need to take into consideration is that no one is fluent at a new skill when they first start out, It takes time and practice.

When you first start carpet repair, you’re going to make mistakes. For example, what do you do if you accidentally cut your donor piece slightly too small but you’ve already started fitting?

Don’t worry, we teach you how to overcome this, and any other problem you encounter when repairing carpets.

We teach you to ALWAYS under expect, then over-deliver!

How much money can I make from repairing Damaged Carpets?

We don’t want to give away our pricing, but we do provide a full complete pricing structure as a guide on our carpet repair course.

If you follow the guide and our sales and marketing advice, you’ll soon see how lucrative this skill set can be.

Wish to attend more than one course find more information on our Carpet Cleaning Training Courses page.

Additional information

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27th April 2023

Waiting List


23 reviews for Carpet Repair Course

  1. Stephen Smyth

    Great course adrian is very knowledgable and skilled in carpet repair. Glad I was able to get on the course. And learn this new skill. Texatherm are the way forward for the carpet cleaning/Repairs

    • John Mullane

      Thanks Stephen! hope you're well 😀

  2. Gordano Cleaning Services Ltd

    Our company attended the carpet repair course. We were interested in how the process worked.

    The course was very professionally run with great course material to take away.

    The practical element of the day provided us with the insights required to go out into the marketplace and offer carpet repairs to our existing client base.

    • John Mullane

      Thank you for the review and the feed back 🙂

  3. Maurice Deans

    I had been looking forward to attending Adrian's carpet repair course for some time.

    And I have to say it was every bit as good as I imagined it would be.

    I found the Instructor Adrian to be extremely knowledgeable in this area of expertise and a natural when it comes to teaching.

    Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

    And what a great service to add to my carpet cleaning services.

    • John Mullane

      Thanks Maurice, hope you're doing well and thank you for attending 🙂 it was a pleasure as always.

  4. Tomasz Rynkowski

    Texatherm and Adrian put great course together, make whole process of repairs very simple to understand.

    • John Mullane

      Thanks Tomasz, it was great having you attend 🙂 hope you're well.

  5. Jonathan Wheat

    Adrian was a pleasure to learn from! His techniques, enthusiasm and his approach

    as a hole was refreshing and informative.

    A small side note, the spread for lunch was absolutely phenomenal!!!

    Always have a great time at Texatherm HQ

    • John Mullane

      Thank you Jon 🙂 it's been great having you as part of the Texatherm Family.

  6. Troy Clement

    Fantastic course, Adrian is a great trainer. Highly recommend this to anyone looking to add this service to their business.

    • John Mullane

      Thanks Troy! Hope you and the family are well 🙂

  7. Scott Andrew Anger

    Wonderful course, really enjoyable. Great venue and support by the Texatherm team. Refreshments and food were a great addition . Adrian conducted a highly professional, informative course. Great knowledge and a wealth of experience.

    • John Mullane

      Thanks Scott, we're so glad you enjoyed the course! Thank you for coming, Hope you're well 🙂

  8. Gemma Butcher, GTB Pro Clean Ltd

    Great course, Great venue and great trainer. Being the only female on any course can be daunting at times. But with these guys there is no need to worry. The are so welcoming and out everyone at ease, whilst maintaining a great learning environment. Lots of hands on learning.

    I have learnt so much and this is the best course related to the industry that I have been on. Highly recommend.

    Excited to see what the future holds.

    • John Mullane

      Thank you Gemma, we're so happy to hear your feedback. It was great having you 🙂

  9. James Kenneth

    Excellent course!

    Knowledgable staff and a very welcoming environment. A hands on course that allows you to not only learn the methods but to get a feel for actually doing it allowing you to leave feeling confident.

    Fantastic value for money

    Cheers guys

    • John Mullane

      Thank you James! it was fantastic meeting you. 🙂

  10. Kyle Williams

    Been apart of Texatherm for years now and this course has helped me transform my busienss. I had 4 enquires within 1 day of leaving the course and three bookings.

    This is a great attachment to your carpet cleaning - using Texatherm machinery and products!

    Kyle Williams


    The Kleaning Network Ltd

    • John Mullane

      Thanks Kyle! glad to hear you're reaping the benefits. It's been a pleasure having you as a client, we can't wait to see what your future holds!

  11. stuart eveleigh (verified owner)

    Excellent course !

    i would highly recommend this course to anyone thinking of taking up carpet repair.

    Pleasant and comfortable venue run by an extremely welcoming team.

    Adrian's training style puts you at ease right from the word go, his explanations and demonstrations of techniques are easy to follow along with the training materials supplied you will leave feeling confident about adding this service to your business.

    thank you for a great course.

    Stuart Eveleigh

    Cobra Cleaning

  12. Dickie Green (verified owner)

    What a great course!

    I’ve attended many courses in the past 18 months to help me grow my carpet cleaning business. This has to be one of the best and most enjoyable ones I have done.
    Adrian is a great instructor, and his no nonsense, hands on training combined with excellent techniques really inspire confidence.
    The training room at Texatherm was perfect as ever, comfortable with plenty of room to do hands on training, all in a nicely relaxed atmosphere.
    Great job Team Texatherm!

  13. Mark Keeling (verified owner)

    Completed Adrians carpet repair course on the 23rd June, have to say, it was the most enjoyable course I’ve been on, very informative, friendly and hands on. With Jon as back up it finished it off perfectly. Will recommend this course to anyone interested in carpet repair..


    Excellent Course !!! 🙂

    Run by Adrian absolutely Pro in Carpet Repair & Cleaning Industry Very Knowledgeable and Friendly.
    Highly recommended to anyone who would love to learn something new in nice and friendly atmosphere.
    This was absolutely most entertaining enjoyable knowledgeable curse i've attended.
    Once again - Big Thank You to Adrian & Whole TEXATHERM Team.

    Dr Carpet - Jersey CI

  15. Dennis Mitchell - Better Carpet Care (verified owner)

    A well run practical course in the Dark Arts of near invisible carpet repair, with ample time to raise questions and practice wthout pressure. Adrian ensures that attendees develop confidence so they leave ready to immediately offer this niche service to their clients. A workshop written Manual is provided for reference, and basic tools are available to take away at near cost prices.

  16. Mike Bourne (verified owner)

    Amazing course, left feeling fully confident and safe in the knowledge I've been trained by a true pro. Great amount of knowledge from Adrian and Mark with lots of extra tips and advice. My first booking has covered the cost of the course and materials to complete the work straight away.

  17. Damian

    Adrian is fantastic person, take extra time to give you advice. Definitely worth for this money

  18. Krasi Todorov

    The best course I ever been. Adrian is so knowledgeable, kind and very helpful coach. if you want to add new service to your business or want to improve your skills don’t hesitate to go with Adrian for carpet repair course. I can’t believe that someone can educate me for a day to run new business but he did. Thank you Adrian and Texatherm for all of your support to me and S Line Cleaning. Highly recommended Adrian.

  19. Keith Durkin (verified owner)

    A great insight into the world of carpet repair.
    Good hands on practical training with Adrian as mentor.
    A good skill set to add to have and great add on to any carpet cleaning business.
    Highly recommend.

  20. Francis Callaway

    Attended the carpet repair course today with Adrian and John great content and easy to follow teaching great gourse well woth the price and look forward to taking it more with my business what a great add on

  21. John Paul Brooks JPB CLEANING

    What can I say!! Brilliant, great content, lots of practice. Adrian instills confidence and enthusiasm. Easy to follow instruction and you gain a whole new skill set. Adrian is a great mentor. Every question answered and encouragement all through the day. if you have not done this course then you are missing out on adding a niche skill set and earning serious money. Adrian & John thank you for your time energy and patients.

  22. Jack smith

    Highly recommend to anyone looking to expand or gain a new skill in the carpet industry. Adrian is very thorough & knowledgeable. These guys went out their way to give me some marketing tips at the end of the course & I can’t thank them enough for the confidence boost.

  23. Paul Dunkley, Aura Floor Care (verified owner)

    Amazing knowledge!

    This course was amazing, and Adrian’s knowledge on not only carpet repair but marketing was excellent.

    The practical work and Adrian’s teaching made the day go quick.

    Already putting methods into practice 👍

    The whole team at the warehouse/office we’re helpful and positive

    Great experience overall

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