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  • sofa cleaning www.texatherm.com
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  • different fabrics www.texatherm.com
  • feeling fabrics www.texatherm.com
  • group teaching www.texatherm.com
  • sofa cleaning two www.texatherm.com
  • teaching www.texatherm.com
  • this is how to teach www.texatherm.com
  • back to school www.texatherm.com
  • Cleaning of sofa with flower upholstery www.texatherm.com
  • multi pic upholstery chair clean www.texatherm.com

Upholstery & Fine Fabrics Cleaning Course

(32 customer reviews)



New to upholstery, sofa and fabric cleaning?

Upholstery cleaning isn't something that should be tackled without undertaking a professional training course.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our professional upholstery cleaning training and our fist-class aftercare and support service for our course students.

When you book a professional upholstery cleaning training course with Texatherm, you can be assured you're getting acces to the most advanced fabric cleaning techniques and methods.

Our extensive support service means you're not alone on your business journey, and we provide free advice and real-time on-site help via video chat.

Already an established upholstery cleaner?

If you're an experienced upholstery cleaner, you will still learn a great deal attending our professional upholstery and fine fabics training courses.

Learn brand new upholstery cleaning methods and techniques that will massively improve drying times, give better and safer cleaning results, increase customer retention and shorten the time spent on sofa cleaning jobs (without compromising on quality).


Already trained on upholstery cleaning with Texatherm? Check out our Advanced Spot & Stain removal Course 

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32 reviews for Upholstery & Fine Fabrics Cleaning Course

  1. Jack smith

    Brilliant course, informative & hands on.
    Confidence gained!

  2. Leronne grennock (verified owner)

    An amazing day at training. So helpful and hands on. Learnt a lot today and made me more confident. Highly recommended

  3. Eddie (verified owner)

    WOW!!! Absolutely recommend this course as someone who has been in the trade for a long time.. I have been fearful of doing certain types of sofas etc.
    I can honestly say I’m really confident to get stuck in now.
    Course is very informative and really well run

  4. Sukhraj rai (verified owner)

    Spent the day here very happy with course learnt a lot ready to go out and clean with the textatherm System’s

  5. Sean Rogers

    Great course , well lead

  6. Victoria (verified owner)

    Such an amazing training day. John has an exceptional knowledge , very professional and patient. He made sure all our answers were answered. I highly recommend to anyone looking into a upholstery and fabric Course. Thank you Texatherm!

  7. PG Clean

    Informative yet engaging course taught with knowledge to help better understand as well as feel more confident in your ability.
    Can’t recommend enough!

  8. Kris Lyons

    Highly recommend this course. I have attended an upholstery course before from a different supplier but this one has given me much more confidence to actually tackle those fine fabrics safely which I would have walked away from before. John is fantastic and has put together a great course which is delivered in a way that everyone can understand and plenty of practical to go with it. Thanks again to everyone at texatherm, outstanding customer service and support.

  9. Kelly O’Brien

    Had a fantastic time in the fine fabric course with John and members of the tun group.
    The course is very informative.
    The course is so well delivered and lots of relevant information.
    The day flys and lots to take In but this course has given me the confidence to take on silk and many other fabrics i lakes away from this course will help my business endless
    thank you John.

  10. Anthony Wright (verified owner)

    Learned a lot. Being a total newbie to carpet and upholstery cleaning in general this has gave me the confidence to tackle even fine fabrics.

  11. Johnny

    Very interesting course. A lot of knowledge passed on by John and I feel very confident to tackle upholstery jobs. The day was fun and would definitely recommend.

  12. Mark Rutter

    John is an expert in this field and it shows. Delivered in an easy to understand manner with plenty of practical work as well. The confidence I have now to tackle any suite is invaluable. Get yourself on the next one.

  13. Sean Rogers

    Superb course , great blend of theory and practical well delivered

  14. Laura Circu (verified owner)

    Amazing day, I’ve learned so much.
    Highly recommended

  15. Tom

    I've been on a similar course a couple of years back and found it very helpful.
    Since then I know John has revamped the course and WOW what a difference!
    Starting from a simple streamlined approach to fabric and fibre identification, to the potential problems and how to minimise or in some cases eliminate them, its all covered here.
    A fun easy to learn system and process for safely and effectively cleaning upholstery of all sorts is taught.
    If you are looking to increase your profits, then you need the knowledge to back up your prices. This course will give you the real world skills and knowledge to go out and provide a superb clean to your clients so you can maximise profits and get those repeat cleans we all want.
    Can't recommend the course highly enough.

  16. Francis Callaway

    Great course well delivered and lots of relevant information so informative gives me the confidence to take it into the business thank you

  17. Nik Nikolaidis

    Congatulations!!! Very good job John.

  18. Ian mundy

    I've attended many course and training days over the 20 plus years I've been in the trade, so called experts have either left me baffled, bored, while they over analysed or even made upfacts, some even made me with feel a nuisance for aging why or how?
    This course is informative, well researched, breaks new ground and is easily digested, Jon has a passion that shines through and a way of delivering things in a way that makes you want to know more! This is quite simply the best fabrics course on the planet, theory and hands on, you learn to clean the uncleanable. It leaves other industry recognised courses looking dated and dog eared. There is a new era in textile cleaning arriving and Jon is quite simple on point and leading the way! I came away full of new knowledge that not only made sense but is practical, he simply taught an old dog new tricks, every fact is backed by research, Jon's natural approach makes this an almost fun way of learning new methods, giving confidence to attendees and throughly showing you how and what to do to tackle all materials. I came away feeling refreshed and couldn't wait to book in my next sofa! Any true professional can not afford not to attend this course! It's more valuable than any other training you can get!

  19. John Brooks

    If you have not done this course then you are missing out. Knowledge is power people say. Well John delivered this course brilliantly. His knowledge and practical sessions are easy digestible and relaxed. Can not say it enough Brilliant and it has added new skills to my skill set

  20. Keith Durkin (verified owner)

    Great course, Professionaly run in a relaxed atmosphere.
    Thanks John.


    Excellent Coures 🙂

    Run by John - Fantastic Personality - Professional, Friendly Very Knowledgeable.
    Learnt so much today in very Friendly & relaxed atmosphere.
    Highly recommended !
    Once again John - Big Thank You !

    Dr Carpet Jersey CI

  22. Adrian Mitchell

    Amazing course. Full of simple terminologies and methods to follow that will make understanding the art of cleaning fine fabrics, with nothing but confidence.

    You can clearly see from the start that alot of research has gone into making this course 'user friendly' which others seem to lack. And have not gone the full length or delth into researching these fabrics us cleaners will encounter in the field day to day. Not only will you leave feeling fully confident, all the stress and worry has been clearly worked out for you, so you don't have to! The hands on practice part emphasis this confidence in you for when you are going to be dealing with a paying customers upholstery or fine fabrics. Meaning you will no longer walk away from jobs you may of felt nervous about doing.

    Thanks for a lovely day, welcoming experience and per, business driven mine set of people!

    All the best and thank you.

  23. Thomas Perrott

    Fantastic course. I've learned so much more than I expected (I've only been cleaning for 12 years!). My confidence has grown tremendously. Thank you John, the course was very practical and professional in a relaxed atmosphere. Highly recommended.

  24. Scott sewell

    John has done a fantastic job of delivering an amazing course simplifying fibre types has giving me greater understanding of types material used in upholstery. There was so much practical and theory showing the understanding and knowledge John and Mark have would recommend anyone to do this course.

  25. Drew rice

    Great day with great people, John was so knowledgable and just made everything easy and simple to understand.
    Lots of chances to try everything out which was very useful and I can’t wait to get out and use it in my work.
    Thank you John and Texatherm

  26. Daniel Rawlings

    Excellent course, as a beginner to the industry I found this course very easy to follow and understand. John has inducted the course in such a way that I would feel 100% confident to go out tomorrow and start cleaning upholstery. I can’t wait to sign up to more Texatherm courses. If you’re thinking about doing the course, stop thinking and get it booked, it’s a no brainer! Thank you Mark & John!

  27. Jonathan Wheat (verified owner)

    Fantastic course! John really knows his stuff and made cleaning fine fabrics a joy, not a worry!

    Thank you so much John.

    Highly recommended!!!!

  28. Jake Ramsay

    Absolutely incredible course! John managed to direct the course in a way that everyone understood.
    I've learnt so much and am feeling really confident to leave today and professionally clean upholstery and fine fabrics!

  29. Stephen Smyth

    Just done the finer fabric course with John wow absolutely amazing.
    I’ve done a finer fabric course before but this is was just unbelievable so much time went into this full of knowledge and get practical

  30. Sean siddons (verified owner)

    Jon has redesigned and pushed the training to new limits,feel really privileged to be part of the course

  31. Mike Hall (verified owner)

    Great course today taken by Jon,
    Highly recommended

  32. Charmaine Mitchell

    Amazing day. I’ve learned so much. John has put lots of effort and research into the training. Well done.

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