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Dio-Cleanse (Industrial Disinfectant) - Application guidelines & Information (Coronavirus's & SARS-COV-2 (Covid 19)

Dio-Cleanse (Industrial Disinfectant) - Application guidelines & further Information regarding Coronavirus's, SARS COV- 1 & SARS-COV-2 [Covid 19] After several posts on our private Texatherm Technicians support group and repeated requests for more information, we decided to share this post with other professionals in our industry. We hope this information is of help. We've reviewed […]

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Marketing ideas for Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners during the coronavirus outbreak (SARS-COV-2(COVID-19)

In this unsure time of Covid-19 many Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners are experiencing a lack of work, cancelled jobs and a general uncertainty.   With the spread of covid-19 many people across the UK are now self-isolating, locking down and not allowing anyone, including trades people, into their homes. But that doesn’t mean all […]

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Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Worth It? - A quick guide

Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Worth It? A carpet can make a cosy and stylish addition to a living room, bedroom or hall, but with people walking all over it every day, it can easily harbour grime, dirt, bacteria, pet and human hair, not to mention skin, dust mites etc. So, how often should we be […]

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Professional Carpet Cleaning Chemicals - Quick Help Guide

It is inevitable, especially in high-traffic areas, that residential and commercial carpets and sofas will be impacted by dirt, spills, stubborn stains and wearing that eventually needs cleaning. If you are looking for carpet cleaning products for your cleaning business the options can seem vast and a costly investment. The use of professional carpet cleaning […]

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Black Friday Deal

Take advantage of amazing Black Friday deal and enjoy 20% off our entire cleaning solution range. Ends 24/11/2018 Payment with order.

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10% Off Oralem Jell in January

Get a great deal on our Oralem Jell with 10% off until January 31st.

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Learn From The Experts At Our Upcoming Training Course

Join us on our one day practical hands on carpet cleaning course on the 21st February 2018.

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How to thaw & reset the pump freeze protection circuit on your EMV carpet extraction machine.

Well it’s that time of year again where technicians are taking they're portable extraction machines out of there van to find they have a frozen pump. With a pump head frozen the pump motor will stall resulting in it trying to compensate by drawing as much amperage out of the socket as it can achieve. If […]

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Choosing The Right Carpet Cleaning Machine For a New Business

Thinking of starting a new business as a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning company? Find out how to choose the right machine for your business!

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10% Off Online with Promo Code XMAS10

This December Christmas has come early and instead of our product of the month, we wanted you to enjoy 10% off ALL products online!

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November Product of The Month...

This November we have 2 fantastic deals on our featured product of the month, the Texatherm Thermal Pads.

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Enjoy 15% Off Our First Product of the Month

Every month moving forward we will be shining the spotlight on one of our fantastic products and giving you an extra special discount. For our first featured product of the month what better product to choose than Bio Trax? We will be giving you 15% off in October so you can find out more and […]

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What a Weekend! Our Competition Winner Announced at the WCP Cleaning Show

Wow! what a weekend, first of all we want to say a HUGE congratulations to Neil Kelloway of Barnsley Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning who won the competition and is now a proud owner of a state of the art EMV machine, well done! Our EMV give away competition was a great success with over 550 […]

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It may not be a write off !!

We’ve all been there! Whether it’s our favourite chair or lounge carpet, you accidentally spill something that you can’t clean yourself. So what do we do? We call in a professional, only to be told the stain won’t come out and the furniture or carpet is a write off. Before you start pulling your hair […]

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Part 2 / Low vs High pressure portable extraction machines

The second part of our experiment to establish true flow and pressure at the tool end on portable extraction machines fitted with Low and High pressure pumps. When I was out earning a living professionally cleaning carpets and upholstery in the 90s I ran several different portable extraction machines. These machines were adequate and allowed […]

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Low vs high pressure portable extraction machines

Low vs High pressure portable extraction machines.  The myth around high pressure on portable extraction machines. We recently ran a test to measure the true pressure at the tool end on a high pressure portable against our digitally controlled machine. Find out more below. We ran the test, fairly using the same rig, gauges, hose […]

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Book your Service & Maintenance online 24/7

You can now book your service & maintenance online 24/7 with ease, you can even book using your phone or tablet with our new mobile friendly website texatherm.com. Here at Texatherm we're taking service to the next level. We pride ourselves on our customer service as well as our equipment and product quality and want to make our […]

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Rug Cleaning At Its Best

We recently visited one of our clients Red Dragon Rug Spa who specialise in rug cleaning. We were so impressed we wanted to share our experience with other industry professionals. Troy was very accommodating and took us through the whole process from start to finish. Firstly we were impressed at the shear investment Red Dragon […]

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Do you offer your clients a carpet protector?

 What are the benefits in selling protector to your clients? Protection against permanent damage from water & oil based stains. Carpets stay cleaner longer - allows far greater removal of particular matter when vacuuming. Upholstery and carpets life will be extended Enhanced appearance. Once protected carpets become easier to clean. Fibrerite Pro Advanced polymer carpet […]

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Protect your wand valves from fracturing

Protect your wand valves from fracturing. The simple elastic band could save you hundreds in lost revenue due to cancelled work and repair costs. Over the last few weeks we have seen a substantial increase in valve sales due to freezing, although we appreciate these sales we would rather you didn't have the problem in […]

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