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Building The Identity Of Your Carpet Cleaning Brand

The terms "brand" and logo" are often confused, but they are not the same. A brand is the range of features that distinguishes a business and is typically comprised of the name, tagline, logo overall design, personality and tone. In a competitive industry, establishing a strong brand identity is vital in order to stand out […]

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When Is It time To Upgrade Your Carpet Cleaning Machine?

A high-quality machine that is reliable and operating to its full potential is vital in achieving the best carpet cleaning results. But like any other piece of equipment, carpet cleaning machines have a lifespan, and at some point your machine will require upgrading. In this article, we'll explore the signs that indicate it may be […]

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Texatherm vs The Rest: A Guide to Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods & Machines

In the professional carpet cleaning industry, you will find companies operating a variety of machines. Indeed, the market is flooded with machines that promise unrivalled cleaning results; each boasting a unique set of features and capabilities. For businesses, selecting the right carpet cleaning machine is no longer a simple task, but it is a critical […]

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Why Professional Training Is Essential To The Success Of A Carpet Cleaning Business

Having the best professional carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment is essential to the success of your business. But knowing how to effectively clean carpets and upholstery is just as important. Indeed, undertaking professional training is vital to achieve to the best results and earn repeat customers. Here are 9 reasons why professional training is so important […]

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The Importance Of Heat In Professional Carpet Cleaning Machines

You may have assumed that all carpet cleaning machines utilise heat or have a built-in heating system. This isn't then case. The majority of professional carpet machines don't have a built-in heating system, and the manufaturers instead recommend using an external bolt-on heaters. This is far from ideal because extrenal heaters add extra weight that makes […]

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Which Size Van Is Best For A Professional Carpet Cleaning Business?

As a professional carpet cleaner, choosing the right van size is an important decision. When selecting a van, you need to consider your budget, the amount of equipment you'll be carrying, and also its ability to carry additional load if you add on services and staff at a later date. Professional carpet cleaning requires carrying […]

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Do You Need Qualifications To Be A Carpet Cleaner?

To put it bluntly, anyone can start a carpet cleaning business. To do so requires no formal qualifications, skills or experience. And this is why the industy is plagued with part-time cowboys operating cheap - and sometimes rented - equipment out of the boot of their cars. It is why carpet cleaning results vary so […]

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The Evolution of Carpet Cleaning Machines

"Our portable engine and air compressor mounted on a strong truck arrives at your residence or other building to be cleaned in the morning. A small hose is run into the house, the tools are coupled up, which compresses some 75 feet of free pure outdoor air per minute at a high pressure which is […]

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What Makes Texatherm Different From Other Carpet Cleaning Manufacturers?

Whether you're a newcomer to the carpet cleaning industry, or you're a veteran with several years on the wand, choosing the right equipment is the most important decision you'll make. Great results and customer satisfaction are how you build a strong carpet and upholstery cleaning business that will thrive in the long term. Unfortunately, since […]

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Marketing Strategies For Carpet Cleaning Businesses In 2024

In recent years, we've witnessed a significant transformation in the carpet cleaning industry. With new technologies, changing consumer behaviours, and increased competition, carpet cleaning businesses need to have a strong marketing strategy to stay ahead of their competitors and attract new customers. In a previous post, The Definitive Guide to Starting a Carpet Cleaning Business in […]

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What is The Best Professional Carpet Cleaning Machine?

As an aspiring professional carpet cleaner, choosing the right machine is perhaps the most important business decision you'll make. With the right equipment, your job as a carpet cleaner will become much easier and more rewarding. But with so many options, how do you choose the right carpet cleaning machine for your business? In this […]

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The Definitive Guide to Starting a Carpet Cleaning Business in the UK (2024)

Starting a carpet cleaning business might seem a daunting prospect; particularly if you have no experience. And this is true for any business. But the fact you're here reading this post tells me you're already on the right track. Researching, reading and seeking out trustworthy and reliable information is the best place to start your […]

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Dio-Cleanse (Industrial Disinfectant) - Application guidelines & Information (Coronavirus's & SARS-COV-2 (Covid 19)

Dio-Cleanse (Industrial Disinfectant) - Application guidelines & further Information regarding Coronavirus's, SARS COV- 1 & SARS-COV-2 [Covid 19] After several posts on our private Texatherm Technicians support group and repeated requests for more information, we decided to share this post with other professionals in our industry. We hope this information is of help. We've reviewed […]

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Marketing ideas for Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners during the coronavirus outbreak (SARS-COV-2(COVID-19)

In this unsure time of Covid-19 many Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners are experiencing a lack of work, cancelled jobs and a general uncertainty.   With the spread of covid-19 many people across the UK are now self-isolating, locking down and not allowing anyone, including trades people, into their homes. But that doesn’t mean all […]

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Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Worth It? - Texatherm

Is professional carpet cleaning worth the cost? A carpet can make a cosy and stylish addition to a living room, bedroom or hall. But with people walking all over it every day, it can easily harbour grime, dirt, bacteria and pet and human hair - not to mention skin, dust mites, and dander. So, is […]

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Professional Carpet Cleaning Chemicals - Quick Help Guide

It is inevitable, especially in high-traffic areas, that residential and commercial carpets and sofas will be impacted by dirt, spills, stubborn stains and wearing that eventually needs cleaning. If you are looking for carpet cleaning products for your cleaning business the options can seem vast and a costly investment. The use of professional carpet cleaning […]

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Black Friday Deal

Take advantage of amazing Black Friday deal and enjoy 20% off our entire cleaning solution range. Ends 24/11/2018 Payment with order.

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10% Off Oralem Jell in January

Get a great deal on our Oralem Jell with 10% off until January 31st.

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Learn From The Experts At Our Upcoming Training Course

Join us on our one day practical hands on carpet cleaning course on the 21st February 2018.

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How to thaw & reset the pump freeze protection circuit on your EMV carpet extraction machine.

Well it’s that time of year again where technicians are taking they're portable extraction machines out of there van to find they have a frozen pump. With a pump head frozen the pump motor will stall resulting in it trying to compensate by drawing as much amperage out of the socket as it can achieve. If […]

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