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EMV 201 Professional Extraction Machine

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EMV 201 Professional Extraction Machine

£3,390.00 £2,950.00

Full days Practical Carpet Cleaning Training course included.



Its advanced systems and Intelligent design will allow you to extract the same as other extraction machines on the market but it’s what else it will allow you to do that will give

you the edge over your competitors. 



£3,390.00 £2,950.00


The EMV will allow you to


Hot Water Extraction


Texatherm low moisture Cleaning Process with average 30 minute dry times


Combination Cleaning


Upholstery Cleaning


Hard Floor Cleaning


Wet Pick Up

The EMV201 comes as standard with


Twin stage 3 vacuum motors

Built in vacuum baffling down to 76db

Automatic digital adaptive pump control system

Automatic pump freeze protection cut off

In built 3000w bespoke heater

Automatic low level heat shut off

Automatic full recovery tank vacuum shut off

Mains inlet thermal protection switches

Twin solution & recovery tank gate valves

Solution & Recovery tank level indicators

Quick release Ip67 plug in interface for all operating parts

Intelligent design for advanced cleaning

The Texatherm EMV201 professional carpet cleaning machine takes portable extraction to a new level. Many industry firsts have been developed.


Outstanding hot water extraction cleaning with excellent recovery. The EMV professional carpet cleaning machine achieves excellent performance through its unique pressurised patent pending variable pump flow control systems and air flow control. No more excessive back pressures leading to premature pump failure.
EMV delivers total flow control and freeze protection with its unique digital flow pressurised control system. The system balances flow with pressure and eliminates the need for excessive pressures to compensate for lack of flow or lift. Once you have set your desired pressure the EMV’s pump control system will monitor and adjust the flow automatically, giving a constant pressure at the tool end even with several extension hoses fitted or at height.


Full remote control available, no more running down stairs to operate the machine or change tools. Once you are set up, control all systems via your remote unit.


The EMV professional carpet cleaning machine has been designed so that the Texatherm process system that utilises cleaning pads can be accommodated in the solution tank. This will allow the operation of two different methods of cleaning to be undertaken at the same time.
For more details on the Texatherm cleaning process please go to the Texatherm System information page.


Flow can be controlled in 5psi increments from as low as 40psi, giving the flexibility of totally controlled cleaning of different types of fabrics without over wetting.


Just connect your hard floor wand with detachable brush and squeeze and you can now use your EMV machine to rinse and recover on hard floor surfaces. No more struggling and leaving residues by mopping. The EMV professional carpet cleaning machine hard floor spray wand has a swivel head with both a squeegee and brush. This ensures that the floor is thoroughly rinsed whilst removing all soil and potential resoiling sticky cleaning residues.

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Weight49 kg


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