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EMV 409 - Hot Water Extraction Pack + Full Systems Remote

(2 customer reviews)


Pack Discount + FREE Training + FREE Chem Pack

Full days Practical Carpet Cleaning Training course included
The EMV 'Hot water extraction' Pack will allow you to
  • Hot Water Extraction Carpet cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Soft Furnishing & Fabric cleaning

Add a Rotary and you'll be able to undertake a further 2 Cleaning methods!

  • Texatherm Patented low moisture process - Deep Commercial & domestic cleaning with a 30 minute dry time
  • Dual Combination Cleaning

Check out our 'New Start Up' pack which includes a rotary!

Lease from just £27.00 + VAT per week

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Please see full list of pack contents below.


This ‘Hot Water Extraction’ Professional carpet cleaning equipment pack gives you total flexibility to undertake outstanding cleaning with full remote control.

  • Hot Water Extraction Carpet cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Soft Furnishing & Fabric cleaning
What do you get in this carpet cleaning equipment pack?
  • 1.00 EMV409  Texatherm / professional carpet cleaning Machine
  • 1.00 EMV Transceiver remote control
  • 1.00 S/Steel Twin jet carpet wand
  • 1.00 10mtr x 38mm Superflex solution/recovery hose
  • 1.00 S/Steel Hand Detail tool + 2mtr whip & S/Steel F/F
  • 1.00 EMV Bleeding hose
  • 1.00 SP90 Silicone maintenance spray
  • 1.00 Texatherm S/Steel 6ltr Sprayer Viton/O-R/8002
  • 1.00 Pile Brush
  • 1.00 Protective Gauntlets
  • 1.00 Bucket 10 Litre
  • 1.00 Jug 500ml
  • 1.00 Texatherm Advanced Cleaner
  • 1.00 Texatherm Neutraliser
  • 1.00 Fast Lane
  • 1.00 Obitex
  • 1.00 Bio Trax
  • 1.00 Tex-Clean
  • 1.00 Tex-rinse
  • 1.00 Blitzzz 500ml Spotter
  • 1.00 CBT 500ml Spotter
  • 1.00 Iron, Mould & rust remover 500ml Spotter
  • 1.00 Oralem Jell
  • 1.00 Wetsolve 500ml Spotter
  • 1.00 practical hands on training course inc lunch & refreshments for 2 technicians.

Full days practical hands on training course on beginner & advanced carpet cleaning and restoration techniques. Course covers all cleaning methods and is held at Texatherm systems training centre. Clean to and exceed the British Standard’s BSI PAS86 (2008) for carpet cleaning. 

All our industry leading EMV Professional carpet cleaning machines come as standard with 

-Bespoke, 316 Stainless steel, twin circuit, 3000 W Heater element. Ultra reliable delivering quick & constant heat at tool end.

-Bespoke dual vacuum system - Coupled with Optimised moulding design ensuring, maximum airflow at all times at the tool end, even when working at height above the machine or with multiple extension hoses attached.

-250 psi pump with worlds only automatic digital flow control system. - No more water lift or delay issues when using extension hoses or working several floors above the machine. No more excessive high back pressure pump failures. Total automatically adjusting system always Guaranteeing correct immediate pressure and flow at the tool end.

-The worlds first and currently only bespoke full transceiver remote control available on a professional carpet cleaning machine - control all systems. On/off Display panel, heat, pump, vac 1 & vac 2 up to 300 meters away

- Currently the only professional carpet cleaning machine with Quick release Plug & Play Interface for all working parts - Now you don't have to send your machine back to the manufacturer or service centre for a pump or vacuum change. Easily and legally unplug and swap out your vacuums, pump and fan in just 5 minutes. saving time and money.

-Automatic pump freeze protection - No more blown pumps every winter. Complete pump protection, just thaw out, reset and start work.

-Built in vacuum noise baffling down to 76db  - The Quietest professional carpet cleaning machine in it's class

-The worlds only machine with Clean solution tank & recovery waste tank gate valves -  No more waiting around to drain your solution tank or using hoses and flooding vacuum motors. Empty both tanks with ease.

-Automatic low level heat shut off - Complete element protection

-Automatic full recovery tank vacuum shut off - complete vacuum motor protection

-Solution & Recovery tank level indicators - Full control over water levels.

2 reviews for EMV 409 - Hot Water Extraction Pack + Full Systems Remote

  1. Keith Durkin

    After much deliberation on upgrading my system, I opted for Texatherm HWE pack.
    Upon day of collection of equipment, the handover training was thorough, ensuring full understanding of process.
    Highly recommend.

  2. Filip King

    I recently purchased the hot water extraction pack and I have already used it to service a few clients. The machine is incredibly well built and the processes we have been taught have left out clients carpet and upholstery with a superior clean.

    Highly recommend

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