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  • High PH carpet * upholstery pre-spray with optical brighteners
  • obitex label
  • High PH carpet * upholstery pre-spray with optical brighteners
  • obitex label


(5 customer reviews)

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Obitex Carpet & Upholstery Pre-Spray, Traffic Film Remover with Optical Wear Enhancer 

Obitex is a professional use only, industrial strength, super concentrated formula. Obitex has added optical brighteners and has been formulated to restore the luster and brightness in worn and shaded synthetic and wool carpets.

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5 reviews for Obitex

  1. MotivCleaning (verified owner)

    Amazing quality Solution, as you can imagine the customers joy with the result 👌🏽

  2. Dave Ives (verified owner)

    Obitex is my daily carpet cleaner. Love it's cleaning ability and colour enhancing. Smells great too.

  3. Dave Thomson (verified owner)

    I’ve just used Obitex on a dull flat grey polypropylene carpet. Wow. Have to say it cleaned easier and looked so much better with Obitex than other products I’ve tried. Would definitely recommend.

  4. Andy gerrards

    Amazing product! absolutely ate through this! highly recommend.

  5. Charmaine (verified owner)

    If you have a heavily stained carpet, or a wool carpet that has gone dull over the years then this solution is the one you need to bring out!! It has brighteners in it that help the colour appear brighter once dry!! Amazing stuff!!

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