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Book your Service & Maintenance online 24/7

You can now book your service & maintenance online 24/7 with ease, you can even book using your phone or tablet with our new mobile friendly website texatherm.com. Here at Texatherm we're taking service to the next level. We pride ourselves on our customer service as well as our equipment and product quality and want to make our clients interaction with us as easy as possible.

We love listening to our customers suggestions and ideas on things we can do to help them, one thing that was brought to our attention was being able to book in service & maintenance online 24/7. We understand our clients sometimes work unsociable hours and have busy schedules. Sometimes booking in equipment for servicing and those important maintenance jobs can slip your mind, especially when you have to wait for offices to open before calling. Now after a days work, just put your feet up and go online 

Just follow the easy step by step instructions below

Firstly go to the services tab option on top right of the website and from the drop down menu click on "servicing & repairs"

You'll then be taken to our online booking system. Just hover your mouse over the date you would like to see if it is available, If free just click the date.

You will then be offered different time options and availability to choose from. Pick the time you would like and click "Book Appointment"

Lastly just fill in our quick online form requesting the service you require the machine model and any extra information we may need. At this stage please also confirm if you require collection of your equipment. Once you click the "request appointment" tab, you will then receive an email confirming your appointment request. Our engineers will then approve the booking and send you an email acknowledgement.

Job Done!

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