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When Is It time To Upgrade Your Carpet Cleaning Machine?

A high-quality machine that is reliable and operating to its full potential is vital in achieving the best carpet cleaning results.

But like any other piece of equipment, carpet cleaning machines have a lifespan, and at some point your machine will require upgrading.

In this article, we'll explore the signs that indicate it may be time to upgrade your carpet cleaning machine.

Decreased cleaning performance

One of the most obvious signs that it's time to upgrade your carpet cleaning machine is that despite keeeping on top of maintenance, you're seeeing a consistent decrease in cleaning performance.

Over time, wear and tear can take a toll on the components of your machine, leading to reduced performance, increased breakdowns and escalating maintenence costs.

While routine maintenance is important to help prolong the life of your machine, constant recurring issues such as leaks, decreased suction and motor malfunctions  may indicate underlying problems that are no longer cost-effective to fix.

If you find that you are not achieving the results and drying times that you used to, despite there being no obvious faults with your machine, it might be time to consider an upgrade.

Investing in a new and more reliable carpet cleaning machine will save you time, money and customers in the long run.

You're operating multiple machines

As your business evolves, you will likely find that you're cleaning carpets in a multitude of setting - some requiring different cleaning methods.

In the past, this led many carpet cleaners to purchase multiple machines and pieces of equipment in order to tackle different carpets and fabrics.

This isn't necessary.

Texatherm have designed professional machines that are able to adapt, combine, and deliver multiple cleaning methods - and without the reliability issues suffered by our competitors.

Prior to Texatherm, there had never been a single carpet cleaning system capable of carrying out a variety of jobs and cleaning methods in both domestic and commercial situations.

Dated technology

Technology in the carpet cleaning industry is constantly evolving... (or at least it should be).

If your current carpet cleaning machine is several years old, the chances are it may be using dated technology that pales in comparison to models like Texatherm's EMV 409.

Upgrading to a modern machine can significantly enhance your cleaning results, therefore reducing breakdowns and saving you money.

Let's take a look at the benefits of upgrading to the EMV 409:

  • Full transceiver remote - Individually control your heat, pump vacuums from up to 300 meters away.
  • World's first digital pump flow control system - Optimised flow for more efficient rinse. Automatically adjusting system guaranteeing correct and immediate pressure & flow at the tool end.  The Texatherm system allows you to work with 13 different pressure settings to efficiently rinse all carpet and fibre types.
  • Bespoke dual vacuum system - Coupled with optimised moulding design ensuring maximum airflow at all times at the tool end delivering enhanced dry times, even when working with multiple extension hoses attached.
  • Built in pump freeze protection circuit - No more blown pumps every winter. Just thaw out, reset and start work.
  • Built in exhaust baffling. Operating volume of 76db - 2 times quieter than the average portable carpet cleaning extraction machine and 4 times quieter than the average truck mounted extraction machine.
  • Built in plug and play quick release for all of your working parts - IP67 waterproof plugs and stainless steel quick connectors allow you to easily and safely remove: vacuums, pump, fan, transducer & heating element in under 5 minutes for maintenance or replacement. No need to work with mains wiring.
  • Bespoke, 316 Stainless steel, twin circuit, 3000 W Heater element - Ultra reliable and delivers quick and constant heat at the tool end.
  • Twin gate valves for your solution and recovery tanks - Quickly and easily empty your solution tank and recovery tank.
  • Automatic low level shut off - Complete element protection.
  • Automatic full recovery tank vacuum shut off - Complete vacuum motor protection.
  • LED solution & recovery tank level indicators - No more guesswork.
  • 2 year parts & labour warranty - Get complete peace of mind.

Environmental credentials

In today's eco-conscious world, an increasing number of consumers are seeking eco-friendly cleaning solutions that minimise environmental impact.

If your current carpet cleaning machine is a gas-belching dinosaur, it may be time to consider the impression this leaves on your customers and consider upgrading to a greener alternative that uses less water and energy.

Many old truckmount carpet cleaning machines burn 2-4 litres of fuel per hour - that’s approximately 5.24kg -10.48kg of carbon dioxide an hour for diesel and 4.78kg – 9.56 kg of C02 an hour for petrol.

Texatherm machines draw minimal power from clean electricity.

This gives the ability to deliver a highly efficient clean with as minimal use of energy as possible, with a reduction of 40% to 60% water usage compared to conventional cleaning systems.

And our environmental ambitions extend to our range of carpet cleaning chemicals and products.

Our cleaning solutions are bio-degradable and come in a concentrated form, delivering industrial power whilst minimising water & plastic usage.

Ready to upgrade - part exchange your machine today!

Knowing when to upgrade your carpet cleaning machine is crucial to remaining competitive in the carpet cleaning industry.

Pay attention to the telltale signs of a dying machine, such as decreased cleaning performance and frequent leaks and breakdowns.

And don't neglect to consider the changing concerns of consumers that are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their decisions.

Upgrading your cleaning equipment isn't just about staying up-to-date - it's about investing in the long-term success of your carpet and upholstery cleaning business.

If you're ready to upgrade your machine, Texatherm Systems is thrilled to introduce our exciting trade-in offer – we want your old extraction machine!
As part of this initiative, we're providing a minimum £500 trade-in value when you upgrade to our industry-leading EMV 409 machine.
Experience the advantages of the world's most advanced carpet cleaning technology and say goodbye to the hassle of disposing of your old machine.
Upgrade today and elevate your carpet cleaning game with Texatherm Systems!

Contact Texatherm today.



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