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Do you offer your clients a carpet protector?

 What are the benefits in selling protector to your clients?

  • Protection against permanent damage from water & oil based stains.
  • Carpets stay cleaner longer - allows far greater removal of particular matter when vacuuming.
  • Upholstery and carpets life will be extended
  • Enhanced appearance.
  • Once protected carpets become easier to clean.

Fibrerite Pro Advanced polymer carpet protector against both water and oil based stains, naturally 100% air cures. Quick drying and stable against UV degradation. Fibrerite Pro carpet protector is a highly concentrated formula based on the same UV stable polymer chemical technology used in the ready to use Fibrerite product. Fibrerite Pro is a water based system.

Fibrerite can be applied directly onto a wet or dry carpet. The active ingredients will give maximum protection against water and oil based stains. Unlike other protectors the quick drying properties of Fibrerite require no drying or airing at high temperatures and will naturally 100% air cure. pH 7, Dilution up to 1:4, More economical – 5 litres of concentrate will produce 25 litres of working solution.

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