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Every month moving forward we will be shining the spotlight on one of our fantastic products and giving you an extra special discount.

For our first featured product of the month what better product to choose than Bio Trax? We will be giving you 15% off in October so you can find out more and try it for yourself.

What Is Bio Trax?

Bio Trax is a Carpet & Upholstery Enzymatic Bio Pre-Spray with Odour Control. It has been specially formulated and is ideal for those tough jobs where there is a high level of Organic & Protein soils.

Bio Trax uses high performance active bio-chemicals to create enzymes which are continually active whilst breaking down, digesting and aiding the removal of proteins, organic soils, animal fats, grease, food and drink spills. Bio Trax will quickly deliver excellent deep cleaning power with built in odour control.

Concentrated pH 9.5

Highly concentrated formula which can be diluted up to 60 – 1 whilst still being effective in the removal of heavy organic and protein soiling.

See Bio Trax in Action

Here's a quick demo of how we remove permanent marker from a wool mix carpet.


Customer Photo

These pictures show a restaurant cleaned using Bio Trax by one of our clients Busy Bee from Basingstoke.


Buy Online

Follow the link to purchase Bio Trax and discover the difference for yourself >>

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