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The Importance Of Heat In Professional Carpet Cleaning Machines

You may have assumed that all carpet cleaning machines utilise heat or have a built-in heating system.

This isn't then case.

The majority of professional carpet machines don't have a built-in heating system, and the manufaturers instead recommend using an external bolt-on heaters.

This is far from ideal because extrenal heaters add extra weight that makes the machine clunky and heavy. It also adds extra cost to your professional set-up.

Submersible, built-in heating systems are compact, efficient and cost-effective (they are inlcluded in the purchase price of the machine).

And this is why Texatherm have chosen to develop and install our own built-in heating systems into our machines.

Why you need to utilise heat when cleaning carpets

A reliable heat source is vital in achieving the best carpet cleaning results.
Heat significantly improves drying times and assists in opening up carpet fibres to aid the release of soils and stains.

To help release soil from carpet and fabric fibres, we need to alter the water’s surface tension and heat does a great job at doing this.

When we increase heat, we decrease the cohesive forces of surface tension, allowing cleaning solutions to efficiently release the trapped soils from the fibres.

When heat is introduced to carpets and fabrics it helps to temporarily alter the tensile strength of the fibres, making them slightly softer & looser which helps with the penetration of cleaning solutions and the release of trapped soils.

But you may not always need to use heat, and on occasions it may be preferable to rinse using cold water.

All Texatherm EMV professional carpet cleaning machines are fitted with a bespoke 316 stainless steel, duo twin circuit, 3000-watt, submersible heater as standard.

This gives you the option to rinse using hot or cold water and ensures quick flow and constant heat transfer.

How does heat improve drying times, and why does it matter?

Heat increases air cicrulation and the energy of water molecules, causing them to evaporate more quickly.

This increased rate of evaporation is important because it helps prevent the growth of mold and mildew, which thrive in sustained damp environments.

By removing excess moisture from the carpet fibres as fast as possible, you make it difficult for microorganisms to develop.

The benefits of Texatherm's heating system

After many years of research and development, we have found that the most effective and reliable heating system for a professional carpet cleaning machine is a built-in submersible heater.

Our built-in heating system out-performs bolt-on inline heating systems that are often unreliable and provide inconsistent heat delivery.

This is because inline heating systems are designed to deliver a static temperature through controlled constant flow. Any reduction or increase in water flow can cause the set temperature to fluctuate, and when using an extraction wand, we are constantly changing the water flow when the trigger is pressed.

This disrupts the flow of water and causes a rise or fall in temperature as the heater struggles to maintain temperature.

The Texatherm EMV utilises bespoke duo twin circuit, 3000-watt, submersible heating elements designed in-house at Texatherm Systems.

Our elements are made of 316 marine grade stainless steel with two built in heating circuits and temperature controls. The duo element heats water at a fast rate, and the flow technology will cycle the heat on and off to hold whichever temperature you’ve set, ensuring your rinse temperature is consistent throughout the cleaning process.


Heat plays a vital role in achieving the best carpet cleaning results.

Consistent, digitally controlled heat delivery will increase water evaporation, improve drying times and enhance overall cleaning efficacy.

Faster drying times will help prevent the growth of mold and bacteria and ensure that carpets and sofas are ready for use sooner by your customers. This is an important part of creating a great customer experience and improving your reputation as a trusted professional carpet cleaning company.

To find out more about Texatherm's heated carpet cleaning machines, contact us today.

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