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Marketing ideas for Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners during the coronavirus outbreak (SARS-COV-2(COVID-19)

Marekting Tips for carpet cleaners during covid-19

In this unsure time of Covid-19 many Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners are experiencing a lack of work, cancelled jobs and a general uncertainty.


With the spread of covid-19 many people across the UK are now self-isolating, locking down and not allowing anyone, including trades people, into their homes. But that doesn’t mean all is lost!

Here are some ideas put together by the Texatherm Team that could help you make the most, and more importantly, continue to make money and build your business during this pandemic.


The one thing we’ve noticed here at Texatherm HQ is that we’re still experiencing larger than normal Cleaning chemical orders from our commercial clients. Which begs the question, why?

With Schools and offices being shut down, as well as the fear of catching and spreading Covid-19, now has never been a better time for Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners.


There aren’t only loads of opportunities right now, but there are going to be bigger opportunities after all of this is said and done.

First of all, let’s talk professional cleaning chemicals, what you can use against the spread of Covid-19 and how you can market them.



Before we jump in, you can find accurate information regarding  SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) form the ECDC ( European centre for disease prevention and control )

and our product test results including log kill counts, contact times & more at the end of this blog.




Biocidal, anti Viral Carpet, upholstery and surface disinfectantBiacidal, anti viral disinfectant


This product is a multi-surface, biocidal disinfectant that has been independently tested and meets BS EN 10 40 Standards.

This product with a 2-minute contact time is effective against Hep B, HIV, MRSA, PEM & PEKM resistant and this product can be fogged.


Now, you can’t make claims about products killing (Covid-19) until we’re able to test.

But by explaining what the Covid-19 strain is to your client and then explaining what Dio-Cleanse will kill (mentioned above), it allows your client to make their own mind up as to whether the product is going to be effective.


It’s all down to how you educate your client.


You can spin this as a preventative measure,



“Make sure your carpets and hard floors and disinfected and sanitised to BS 10 40 Standards to help stop the spread of Covid-19 and reduce you and your family’s risk.”



Why not give them a free Dio-Cleanse trigger bottle to keep on top of there hard surfaces after you’ve gone. You can use this as a booking incentive.



“If you book us to clean, disinfect & sanitise your home we’ll even give you a free bottle of our specialist product that meets BS EN 1040 Standards so you can keep on top of Covid-19 on your hard surfaces when we’re not there”


Advanced Cleaner


Advanced Cleaner also contains a biocidal disinfectant that meets BS EN 10 40 standard and will deal with the same pathogens that Dio-cleanse will.


This being said I believe marketing a specialist product to the domestic market will be far more effective than just marketing that “One of the products we use contains a biocidal disinfectant”.


However, I do believe explaining that the main chemical used in your specialist Texatherm low moisture process, contains a biocidal disinfectant that has been independently tested and meets BS EN 10 40 Standards and is effective against Hep B, HIV, MRSA, PEM & PEKM resistant, to the commercial market would be effective, as well as pushing a specialist spotter for the hard surfaces.


Again, give them some bottles as an incentive to book.


So, what does this mean?


If you’re a Texatherm User you know that Advanced Cleaner is the pre-spray used in the low moisture process, however Advanced Cleaner is also a stand-alone cleaning pre-spray also used in conjunction with hot water extraction. This means if you run a low moisture process you now have a list of high Quality USP’s (Unique selling points) you can use to win contracts and commercial work.

If you're not a Texatherm User you can still use Advanced Cleaner for Hot water extraction and sell the benefits of the disinfectant.


Here are some USP’s you can use.


  • The Texatherm Low moisture process will disinfect and sanitise your carpet to BS EN 10 40 Standards. This is effective against Hep B, HIV, MRSA, PEM & PEKM resistant.
  • The Texatherm Process leaves no sticky re-soiling residues in your carpets after the clean.


  • The Texatherm Process Delivers a genuine deep clean with a 30-minute dry time.


  • The Texatherm process is environmentally friendly and the cleaning products used in the process are biodegradable.


  • The Texatherm process can be undertaken while the offices are shut or during work hours due to the low moisture, low noise levels & 30-minute dry time.


It’s all well and good having these ideas & USP’s, but how are we going to get them through the door and in front of people.

The Commercial Market


Here’s an idea for you to use or expand on. Everyone loves getting something for free, go to all of your local schools, offices, estate agents, vets, anywhere people gather and could be classed as a high-risk contamination area.

Give away trigger bottles of Dio-cleanse to these companies (educate and sell the product, and yourself, as explained above)


Top Tip – If you have your own spotting labels with your company details on. But them on the bottles you give out.


Now this is where you come in. You’ve got your foot in the door, you’ve built some trust by providing free help in from of a product.


The carpets are more than likely going to be full of pathogens and pollutants and need to be efficiently cleaned to ensure sanitisation and disinfection.

Luckily the Texatherm process can do exactly that.


If you don’t have a Texatherm Process System you can still offer a disinfection service using advanced cleaner or Dio-Cleanse and hot water extraction.

Just be wary of potential wick back issues on the low-profile carpets.


Now, I doubt the client is going to want to go over large hard floor areas with a trigger bottle and a towel, if you have an EMV, TC170 & Hard Floor wand you can also disinfect, sanitise and clean the large areas of hard floor.


 Professional Carpet Cleaning Machine Spring Loaded Gear Driven Rotary Cleaning Machine Hard Floor Cleaning Wand


Now, depending on what your goal is here there a few things that we can think of doing.


If you’re goal is to bring in some business that day, offer a quote and sell yourself and services as you usually would.


If you’re goal is to build a relationship and gain a customer for the future you can offer a very generous discounted price as during Covid-19 times are going to be tough for everyone.


If you really wanted to build your brand and a name for yourself you could even do it for free..... I know but hear us out.


Get your business name and brand spread all over social media and start getting recognised as the ethical, good business you are. Being a genuine helpful member of the community, in my opinion, will build rock solid trust between you, your company and the public.


This more than likely will lead to more page likes, more post interaction, & more potential clients on your social media platforms that you can market too.


All of that being said, we’re not guaranteeing this’ll be the case, you have to do what you think is best for you and your business. But take note of the kind videos and posts that go viral on social media. It’s usually something Hilarious, very negative or very positive.


Food for thought – Asking businesses (who more than likely have their own social pages) to put out a post about you and how amazing of a job you’ve done cleaning and disinfecting there carpets in exchange for the work (or a heavily discounted price) means you’re not only going to be able to hit your own social media followers but you’ll also be hitting all of their followers.


You never know they might offer you work straight away but if not, you’ve least gotten your company name and services out there. You’ve also built trust and a bit of a connection with people that might consider using your services in the future.


The Domestic market


Running well thought out, targeted social media ads could pay off huge! If done correctly.


Make sure you really think about the demographic, who’s going to be the person that actually picks up the phone and calls you. A lot of this will come down to how you sell yourself and your processes, chemicals and systems.


Make sure your Ad's eye catching.


Facebook and other social media platforms are generally fast pace platforms, think about how quickly you scroll through your own news feed.

Make sure to use colours, images/video and words that demand attention.


Now of course we’d all prefer to bring in work with out having to fork out advertising and marketing costs. And don’t worry there are still options!


You can use the same idea you’ve used for the commercial market with the domestic but with a slight change. Give away free spotters. You’ll need decide what is best for your business.


After explaining the technical information of the product, you can also let the customer know that Dio-cleanse a multi-surface product so they can disinfect and clean all of their hard surfaces.

Now, in order to sanitise and disinfect the carpet of the pathogens and pollutants, the product will need sprayed agitated and rinsed. That’s where you come in.


They take care of the hard surfaces with the free product you’ve given them; you take care of the carpets and the large hard floor areas. And again, the client can keep on top of the spread after you’ve gone. Win, win for everyone.


What opportunities are there going to be once the coronavirus (Covid-19) is over?


This is the time the industries going to boom. The commercial and domestic market are all going to want deep cleans and sanitisation before returning to normality, not to mentioned the new found realisation of the importance of regular deep cleans and sanitisation.

Now if you’ve done anything remotely similar to the above and you’ve already been out and about building trust and brand, you’re already two steps ahead of your competitors that haven’t.


Another idea to consider is during the quiet period use the opportunity to start updating your website and any media platforms ready for the after boom.

Start looking at your text and marketing, you may find you can change and add a lot of keywords more suited towards hygiene, disinfection and sanitisation.


People are going to be looking for disinfection and sanitisation services as well as deep cleans. Make sure your online text is keyword rich without looking like spam, you want your company to be the one that pops up when people are searching.


Create informational videos about sanitising and disinfecting, how your processes work, your dry times and start posting. Establish yourself as the authority and get your brand in their heads, ready.


Hopefully some of these ideas you will be able to use and expand on. We hope you all stay safe and take care of each other, if we all do our part, we can make this a little less miserable for everyone.


Can you still work as a Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak?

The Government website this morning has told us that work carried out in peoples homes can continue providing you don't have any symptoms. However guidelines must be followed including keeping a 2 meter distance.

See the official information here >>


Click HERE to find accurate information regarding  SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) form the ECDC ( European centre for disease prevention and control )

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